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Picnic en Barcelona

We bring you a selection of exquisite gourmet local products to the most emblematic places in Barcelona, so you can treat your loved ones to a unique and unforgettable experience you won’t find in the guidebooks.

A gourmet tasting in idyllic surroundings and the magic of good company

Upgrade the traditional "picnic" concept to a gourmet experience, which in its French origin (although some say it comes from English), refers to an informal outdoor snack and opportunity to share food and drink, generally cold, and good company. Over time it came to be considered a social event.

PicnicBCN combines three value-added experiences — special locations away from the crowds, an array of exquisite cuisine and local wines, and the warmth of loved ones.

How does it work?

1. Choose the picnic, the day and the place

There are two picnic options for any palate, from a simple and quality experience to an authentic gastronomic gem with Michelin-starred details: select one along with the day, the time and the special place where you'd like to enjoy it.

2. We’ll bring it to that special place

Your picnic will be prepared on the same day, and we’ll bring it to the place of your choice at the designated time. Let us take care of everything! If it’s a surprise, we’ll even set the table for you so that it’s ready for you when you arrive.

3. Enjoy and forget the rest

The containers and picnic utensils (plates, glasses, cutlery, etc.) are recyclable, so there's no need to return them. All you have to do is focus on enjoying the experience. When you're finished, just deposit them in the appropriate bin.

A brand new experience that fuses the charm of an iconic location, the exquisite flavours of local cuisine and the magic of good company

Locals and travellers from all over the world are expanding their horizons and, while staying loyal to a city's most iconic places, are looking for new experiences that blend quality gastronomy and the pleasure of being outdoors in the right company. PicnicBCN combines three value-added experiences — special locations away from the crowds, an array of exquisite cuisine and local wines, and the warmth of loved ones — through a gourmet tasting in idyllic surroundings. You can also add a special detail like a bouquet of flowers or a souvenir photo shoot to your experience.

Live an original and memorable experience in Barcelona with PicnicBCN!

An original and unforgettable experience in good company

With friends

Take part in an unforgettable plan with an unconditional friend, with that group with whom you’ve gone on a thousand adventures or with those special friends who know everything about you. Together you’ll enjoy an original and unforgettable outing featuring the simple things: an idyllic setting, exquisite food and a lively chat.

With your other half

Finding a tablecloth placed on the lawn of a park, on a sandy beach at sunset or on a hill overlooking the city, alongside select local products and wine and a bouquet of flowers, is the ideal way to pop the question, celebrate an anniversary or simply enjoy a unique romantic date.

As a family

What better excuse to gather the whole family than a get-together in a quiet setting, like a park or the beach, to sample delicious products that are suitable for all tastes. And for a lovely memory, why not immortalise the gathering with a professional photo session before you begin?

Stag and hen parties

Original stag and hen parties have never been more popular. Kick the party off with an exquisite tasting of local products and the additional drinks of your choice in a special place like the beach or a park. Go one step further and add an optional souvenir photo session!

A unique picnic experience for you

My name is Albert Miquel, founder of PicnicBCN, and I am at your disposal to make your picnic experience totally unforgettable. For this, I attach great importance to communication with the customer to satisfy any request, the quality of the product and its meticulous preparation, transport, and delivery. Each product that you will enjoy with PicnicBCN is prepared and packaged especially for you, in an artisanal way, just a little before its delivery so that it retains all its flavor. All this will be delivered in a comfortable and stylish picnic bag, and, if you choose it that way, we will leave it prepared in the chosen place before you arrive to find it ready.

What they say about PicnicBCN on TripAdvisor

A great day!

Fabulous picnic, charcuterie, cheeses, desserts and delicious wines! They think of it all, from the best spots in the city to the smallest detail like the sticks to stop the tablecloth from blowing away. It was very easy to find the person in the park. Highly recommended. We’ll be back!

A unique plan!

A very nice experience, from the service, really friendly, to the attention to details (they gave a gift to the bachelorette, thanks!!) The quality of the products was very good, especially the cheese, spectacular. A highly recommended experience.

We’ll be back!

Thank you so much, PicnicBCN! Everything went great from the very first moment. The surprise, the location, the decoration and above all the service... my boyfriend was delighted. We’ll be back!

Unforgettable experience

A gift from my partner for our anniversary! It was wonderful dining as we watched the sunset in Ciutadella park. Both the food and the wine, all with designation of origin, were spectacular. I recommend the extra option of the photographer, who was really friendly and gave us a great memory!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Very original

A unique experience... a very friendly attendant and perfect service. Very good quality food... I would recommend it for a unique plan at a special spot in Barcelona. Thanks for the recommendations of the city. We’ll be back!

Different meeting!

"We have organized an original meeting with my friends from the uni, outdoors and with spectacular views of Barcelona from the Carmel Bunkers! We chose the place and the drink we wanted (white wine and cava) and they came to deliver it in a super cute Piaggio Ape... we all took pictures with it :) The experience is worth the price, we liked it very much! I totally recommend it as an alternative plan ".

¿What are our picnics like?

Unique locations in the city

We have selected the most iconic settings in the city where you can disconnect and enjoy a unique outdoor tasting experience in good company.

Gourmet local products

PicnicBCN experiences include a careful selection of quality products that you won’t find in any restaurant or shop.

Personalised service in your language

We want your experience to be perfect. That's why we are available by phone, and we’ll be happy to assist you in English, French and Spanish.

Completely bespoke experiences

PicnicBCN experiences are designed to be totally one-of-a-kind. Customise your experience with flowers, a photo session or a set-up service for a lovely surprise.


You only need to book your experience and show up on the designated day at the designated location. When you finish, just deposit the utensils in the recycling bin.

If your plans change, don’t worry

You can cancel your PicnicBCN experience up to 48 hours before the day and time of the delivery, no questions asked. We’ll refund the entire amount.

4 idyllic settings selected especially for your PicnicBCN experience

Parc de la Ciutadella

Ciutadella park is the lungs of the city and an ideal place to relax after a stroll through the city and along the seafront. Its grass lawns and picturesque paths make this park an unparalleled setting for enjoying a hassle-free tasting of quality ham, cheese, wine and more delights.

Park Güell

Park Güell is a must-see stop on any visit to Barcelona, as it's one the most exemplary works of modernist architect Antoni Gaudí. What better experience than combining this fairy tale setting with spectacular views and a delicious gourmet tasting that you won’t find in any restaurant or shop.

La Barceloneta beach

Beyond the bustling restaurant terraces lining the beach, which can often be a bit of a tourist trap, La Barceloneta feels like something out of a film: relaxing in good company while you listen to the soft crash of the waves and enjoy an exquisite selection of ham, cheese, gazpacho, fruit and a good wine or beer pairing.

Wherever you want

Barcelona has plenty of charming places away from the tourist crowds that are the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience. It’s at these spots that gastronomy fuses with the surroundings. Choose the location yourself or let us surprise you by selecting a special place for the occasion: from flower gardens in the Pedralbes Palace; spaces that seem to be taken from ancient times, like the Greek Theatre; spots with a romantic and mysterious atmosphere, like the Labyrinth Park of Horta, and much more. Let your imagination fly and live Barcelona in a unique way!

2 picnic menu options to enjoy in Barcelona

Picnic Premium
Picnic Barcelona
Fresh gazpacho
Artisan truffle flavour crisps
Selection of 4 cheeses
Selection of cured sausages
Acorn-fed Iberian ham
Joselito Iberian ham
Fresh baguette
Pan con tomate pack
Fresh seasonal fruit
Chocolate delight
Sweet treat by Jordi Roca
Bottle of still mineral water
Your choice of wine (+90 Parker Points)
Disposable picnic accessories
Order Order

Barcelona, a city for picnicking

Home-style gazpacho

A classic refreshing soup made with tomato, peppers, cucumber, vinegar and olive oil.

Artisan crisps

Crunchy and delicious artisan crisps with black truffle flavour.

‘Pan con tomate’ pack

A classic Catalan dish - dress your bread with tomato, olive oil and salt.

Iberian ham

A culinary gem selected among the best varieties from the Iberian peninsula.

Regional cheeses

Top-quality local cheese with designation of origin.

Artisan cured meats

A selection of exquisite, flavourful Spanish cured meats .

Baguette and toasted bread

Fresh crusty bread and artisan toasts as an accompaniment.

Seasonal fruit

A delicious variety of fruit that varies according to market and season.

Mineral water

All our picnics include one refreshing bottle of water per person.

Recyclable utensils

Utensils that be placed in the recycling container when you finish.

Do you want to ask us for advice to experience Barcelona off the beaten path?

Do you want to personalize this experience by choosing a totally unique place or unforgettable details? Do not hesitate to contact us by WhatsApp or through our contact form!

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