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Sitios romanticos Barcelona

Romantic places in Barcelona: 5 ideas (& more)

It doesn’t need to be an anniversary or a special date to do something nice for your significant other. The important thing is finding the perfect gift and the perfect place. Or maybe both. An experience like a gourmet tasting in one of the most romantic places in Barcelona is a good way to create an enduring memory of the occasion. In this post we suggest romantic, original and charming places in Barcelona that will surprise your significant other.


Viewpoints are the quintessential romantic locations for enjoying a special occasion with your better half. However, the romantic feel can disappear if you have to share a space with dozens of other couples on your date. For that reason, PicnicBCN proposes two unknown gems along the same route on the road from Horta to Cerdanyola. These spots mean you won’t have to ask who’s next in line to take in the beautiful views, as can be the case at specific times at viewpoints like the Bunkers del Carmel or El Mirador del Migdia de Montjuïc. On the other hand, there are no buses to these more remote locations, so you’ll have to walk or take a taxi.

  • Montbau viewpoint.Located at the top of the Laberint park, this lookout encompasses a large area with tables and chairs to enjoy a romantic picnic with gourmet products. The best part? Its panoramic views of the entire city of Barcelona rival any of the mainstream viewpoints.
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  • Mundet viewpoint. This little-known lookout has a swing for playfully taking in the entire city of Barcelona. Without a doubt, it is an idyllic setting for a memorable rendezvous with your partner.
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Sitios románticos en Barcelona, Miradores

Hidden gardens in buildings and establishments

Barcelona has few parks whose size is comparable to those of other capitals. However, the city is home to numerous gardens hidden in building patios, alleyways and inside cafés and hotels. These spots can end up being the most romantic places in Barcelona for couples.

The cafeteria of the Col·legi d’Enginyers offers a terrace where you can enjoy a relaxing and quiet environment (since it is a little known place). It is open to everyone, but keep in mind that it closes on weekends. .

Parks of Barcelona

The advantage of choosing a public park for a romantic date is that, unlike the gardens in cafés, shops or hotels, you can choose the location that you like best for enjoying a glass of wine and a delicious snack. Just choose your tasting menu for an unforgettable date. The parks we like the most, besides the Parc de la Ciutadella, are:

  • Pedralbes Gardens. The Royal Palace of Pedralbes, right at the Palau Reial metro station on line 3, was once the residence of the kings when they stayed in the city and houses one of Barcelona’s most majestic gardens. Its large oval pond and paths allow you to spend a quiet time with your partner and perhaps enjoy a romantic snack
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  • Tamarita Gardens. In the upper area of the city you can find numerous mansions that the bourgeoisie built a little over a century ago, surrounded by gardens for their enjoyment. An example are the Tamarita gardens, an intimate yet public space right next to the rail stop on the L7. These gardens are an ideal place to relax quietly away from the hustle and bustle of the centre.
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  • Amphitheatre of the Grec Gardens. . The Grec Amphitheatre, built on the occasion of the International Exhibition held in Barcelona in 1929, is located on the outskirts of Montjuïc. A 10-minute walk from the Poble Sec metro stop, this gardened area has trails, benches, woods and stone columns flanking an ivy-covered corridor reminiscent of Ancient Greece. It is one of the most romantic places in the area, especially in the spring, when the soft aroma of blooming orange trees fills the air. Nevertheless, it is the amphitheatre itself that, without a doubt, promises a serene, romantic date that will transport you to another era.
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Sitios románticos en Barcelona, Jardins del Grec

FROM €39! Enjoy a different plan savouring a delicious tasting of local products from Barcelona at the end of your visit

Give your significant other an unforgettable experience in the Amphitheater of the Grec Gardens with delightful local gourmet products and a good wine, while you contemplate the views offered by one of the best gardens in Barcelona. At PicnicBCN we bring your gourmet picnic wherever you want.

Hotel roofs

Although having a drink on a terrace is not the most original plan in the world, heading to one with the most privileged views of the city changes things. Several hotels in Barcelona offer you the chance to feel on top of the world, alongside a good drink and the best company. Below you will find some of those we like the most:

  • Hotel Pulitzer. The roof of the Hotel Pulitzer is a space where gastronomy and music go hand in hand. It offers a wide variety of dishes and appetisers suitable for all tastes (even for vegetarians or gluten intolerant), as well as refined cocktails to end the evening on a high, while enjoying the best views of the city of Barcelona. What more could you ask for?
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    Music is always playing at the Hotel Pulitzer.Every Wednesday the hotel hosts live concerts by different independent pop, electronic and funk artists, and on Thursdays and Fridays guests can enjoy DJ sessions from different clubs and groups in Barcelona. And when there’s no live music, the best tracks sound from the hotel’s Spotify playlist
  • Ayre Hotel Rosselló.This roof is a real hidden gem in the centre of the city, since it offers a close-up view of the Sagrada Familia (only a block away) and beautiful views of the entire city. Having a drink with your better half while taking in each detail of the fabulous work of Antoni Gaudí makes this spot one of the most romantic places in Barcelona.
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  • Crowne Plaza Hotel. The roof of this accommodation is one of the newest in the city (it was opened in 2017) and belongs to the distinguished club of high terraces with 360º views of Barcelona. From here, you can contemplate the Sagrada Familia, the Torre Agbar, the Cathedral, Tibidabo and much more. Enjoying a drink or Mediterranean dishes is a must if you have a little extra to spend.
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Beaches of Barcelona

Barcelona’s fine weather means that you can enjoy its beaches both in summer and in winter. Finding a spot on a jetty where you can contemplate the sea, let the winter sun caress your face and enjoy a delicious picnic basket is an ideal plan for a couple.

  • Beaches of Montgat. If you want to get away from the bustle of Barcelona but do not have time to escape to the Costa Brava (well worth a visit), you can enjoy beautiful and quiet beaches just 20 minutes by train from Barcelona. Sant Joan de Montgat, Cala de les Moreres or Montsolís Beach are some examples of romantic places where you can spend a very special time with your soulmate.
  • Sitios románticos en Barcelona, Playa de Montgat
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Enjoy an unforgettable experience on the beaches of Montgat, savouring local gourmet products with a good wine while you contemplate the views offered by one of the best beaches on the foothills of Barcelona. At PicnicBCN we bring delicious gourmet picnics wherever you want.

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